TVT Logistics Inc. has seven key values to help us make choices and decisions:
1.Integrity - Doing what we promise in a consistent, honest and respectful manner.
2.Initiative & Innovation - Being creative, encouraging ideas and focusing on adding value to our customer's needs.
3.Passion - Caring more than our competitors, being accountable for our performance and having fun while doing our jobs.
4.Leadership - We encourage all of our employees to make decisions and apply their knowledge and expertise to all tasks. We will do this by:

•Being accountable for our actions.
•Being independent, open minded and enthusiastic
•Constantly developing and challenging our employees.
•Being open to our customers and employees to see how and why we do things.
•Building strong teams.

5.Recognition - Recognizing and rewarding performance which exceeds expectations.
6.Courage - Having the courage to challenge ourselves and strive for more than we thought possible.
7.Safety and Environment - 100% commitment to the safety of our employees, our customers, the public and the environment.